8 am

I'm not sure I've heard anyone complain about being up on a weekday at 8 am as much as Jin.

This morning Shaun and Jin came over at, yes, 8 am to make a short video. You see (deep breath, because I'm not sure there is a good explanation for this) on Tuesday Ze Frank used an intro that had been submitted by the MSU improv group Lab Rats. He issued them an assignment to film some short form improv with what we used to call a "tower of suggestions" -- "OK, so you're in Disneyworld and you're scouting for a major league pitcher, in the style of a soap opera, and one of you has bad breath." Shaun decided that we should take those suggestions and turn in a video, too.

So we stood on my back porch in the early morning cold and... did not improvise very well.

And then I uploaded the video in a format that Ze Frank's Gallery doesn't understand (MP4! It's very standard!) and so no one could watch our video unless they downloaded it and changed the extension from _mp4 to .mp4. Which is very unlikely.

Anyway, the Lab Rats did their video, too.