Bad Rackets - Somebody Dropped the Baby

As soon as I was done helping Noah with Pollywog in a Bog, I turned my attention to a music video that I had actually agreed to do before Pollywog took over our lives. My friend Tim (who's the captain of the Austin Metblog) had been looking for someone to make an animated music video for one of his band's (The Bad Rackets) songs and I stuck my hand up. The song is called "Somebody Dropped the Baby" and it posits, more or less, that Dubya must have been dropped on his head as a baby -- how else could we be in such a mess?

The design brief was "a Flash video like a Monty Python animation". I actually ended up doing all of the animation in Final Cut Pro and Motion and I like to think I've come up with an animation style that's inspired by Terry Gilliam while still being my own brand of crudeness. The baby body was provided by some friends of mine who I'll leave anonymous, in case they don't want it public, but I owe them a ton of thanks. All the president heads and so on are from government photos which are, by law, free of copyright. Hooray!

You can watch the video above, or you can go to YouTube and then click on "watch in high quality" (directly underneath the Views count) to more clearly see my crude animation.