Challenge 2006 - Editing Day

In the Challenge, you get 14 hours to write, 24 to shoot, and then 34 to edit. And, um, just between you and me, I didn't need all that time.

A number of people on the team offered to help me edit, but none of them edit, so in the absence of just trading-off the editing suite, there's not much someone else can do. I dove in alone and had a finished video by 5 pm on Sunday night. I went back to it about an hour before it was due on Monday and tweaked a few bits of sound, re-exported it and handed it in. That was the trickiest part -- the films were due at 400 E Randolph, on Upper Randolph and I kept getting turned around trying to get there. And leaving, I discovered that over by the lake there's Way-Totally-Lower Wacker -- a Wacker Place under Lower Wacker Drive. And you can't get anywhere from Wacker Place. I think I'm still there, driving around and around.

So now, we wait. I'm not sure all the whys, but after all that hurry-hurry, the showing is not until Sunday, July 2 at the Lakeshore Theater. The showing will be judged by Image Union and winners will be shown on that program.