Challenge 2006 - Production Day

Shaun and Andrea

Saturday was Production Day for the Challenge -- we got up Saturday morning and emailed off our script and received a different one. (That's an innovation for the Challenge -- previously, there was one big meetup each day of the Challenge. Now, each team is responsible for doing the hand-off to the next team however they want, which for the scripts meant email.)

The script we received was titled "Weddings are Cool" and was basically a single scene of things going horribly wrong during the preparation for a wedding.

We've done enough of these things now that it all seemed pretty standard -- Shaun and I read through the script separately and then had a quick phone conference. Shaun called everyone to coordinate the costume pieces they needed to bring and then he and Kristen emptied out their spare bedroom to turn it into our set. Meanwhile, I made a prop run, heading down to Strange Cargo to get a titular shirt made for Shaun and a tuxedo t-shirt for me (I want to get one of these full-length screen-printed ones, but on short notice Strange Cargo does an iron-on that they can go on any shirt. Is it weird that I kinda want one on the back of a work shirt?) and then over to CVS for a disposable video camera. The script called for the videographer character (me) to be using a "disposable video camera like from CVS". I guess we could have used any of my other crappy video cameras, but I thought if it was available, we might as well be faithful to the script-writer's vision. The camera was rather pricey for a one-use camera with 20 minutes of storage ($30), but fortunately it can be hacked for re-use.

We all got together at noon and applied hideous amounts of make-up to Andrea. With only one location, there wasn't much need to build a complicated shooting-list, so we just started stepping through the script getting closeups and wide-shots of each line. It took longer than I thought it would, but not as long as Shaun thought it might, and we were done by 4:30 -- plenty of time for Andrea and Erica to make it to their KOKO show at the Playground.