So, kickball was rained out last night. It worked out for the best, because otherwise I would have been late to the Vidiocy showing and wouldn't have seen Candyland (it was shown first).

I hopped into a cab at Chase Park and the cab driver told me he wouldn't take me to Belmont & Broadway -- he was on his way north to pick someone up who had called for a cab and had just picked me up because he assumed he could drop me off on the way. I guess I understand (I'm a little too reasonable sometimes) but it was raining! Because of an accent barrier it took us a block to figure it out (he thought I said Balmoral & Broadway -- I thought he was asking what route I wanted to take to Belmont). Sometimes I wish I could get a good angry on -- yell at the cab driver and glower for an hour or two or something. Instead, I said "all right, then", got out of the cab, waited at the corner and caught another one fairly quickly.

For some reason I decided it important to document my wet self in the second cab.

Wet Fuzzy

At the Vidiocy showing I met up with Candyland stars Shaun and Jin Kim.

Shaun and Jin

Candyland was, as I said, shown first. People laughed at all the right parts, so I was happy. The other 7 semi-finalists were all fine films. A standout, in my mind, was Rick Rios' Sugar (starring, full disclosure, my co-worker Scott Anderson) (Sugar ended up coming in fourth).

Candyland was not one of the four finalists. And it's chock-full of copyright-infringing songs and dialogue (the dialogue I might get away with as parody, but not the music) so I don't think we'll be submitting it to any other festivals. So onto the shelf it goes. Good-bye, Candyland. The short time we had together was... short.

Death (Shaun Himmerick)
Death (Shaun Himmerick)

Antonius Block (Jin Kim)
Antonius Block (Jin Kim)

The game
The game

Megan Diemer
Megan Diemer in one of the alternate endings

Jin Kim and Brian Goodman
Jin Kim and Brian Goodman in another of the alternate endings

It was all a dream
It was all a dream...