R. Buzzy music video shoot

So, I'm shooting a music video for R. Buzzy (remember them from our wedding?) this weekend and we need a small crowd to be "the people in the bar" and I'd love for you, FuzzyCo reader and friend, to be one of those people.

The shoot is Sunday, September 30 at the Town Hall Pub (3340 N Halsted, Chicago). I'll be shooting crowd scenes from 3-6, so that's when I could really use you.

I'm going for something of a "timeless" feel for the crowd, so please wear clothes that aren't very modern or period-specific.

There are spots for a couple of "featured players" who will interact with the main character of the video. In usual FuzzyCo practice, I won't be casting those parts ahead of time, but simply grabbing people as needed.

If you can come, please shoot me an email so I have an idea of about how many people we're going to have.