Silly Horse Whisperers

Steve has set up a Blewt 'channel' on You Tube and he's filling it up with episodes of Talkin' Funny (Erica and my appearance is here) and with the appearance, finally, of Silly Horse Whisperer.

SHW completes the Silly Triology. Each of the videos consists of 30 people doing something for two minutes in front of a green screen. Steve added crazy backgrounds and royalty-free music to each and the result was an hour of... comedy? bewilderment? something. (I was in Silly Faces but missed the taping of Silly Dances.) The only problem with the You Tube videos is that they're divided into the 2 minute segments, which means that you lose the "what?! there's more?!" quality of watching the DVDs. But that said, here's Erica:

And Cowboy Fuzzy:

And who's hidden under that handsome gorilla mask?