Ted 2

I'm not sure why it took me so long to get this video online, but here it is:

Forgotten Heroes: McGuillicutty II is nominally a sequel to Ted McGillicutty, Man of Action, though the name is spelled differently (oops) and the only character who has returned is the villain Elvis (Shaun Himmerick) who seemed to be dead at the end of Ted. Like Ted, Ted 2 is an entire action movie compressed into a few minutes, though this time instead of taking place within a single apartment building, the action is spread over the city of Chicago. We also re-used our notion of having one actor play "everyone else" with Sean Cusick taking on multiple roles. Brian Goodman rounds out the cast as our hero, Joe McGuillicutty.

Like many of our short films, this one was filmed for the Fast Forward Film Festival.