The Audition

The audition was on my birthday, which made me feel special somehow. I was in the last audition slot of the day, because I'd had to reschedule for some reason that I forget now.

The auditions were supposed to be in groups of three, but because it was the last slot, there were only two of us. We each did our monologue* and then we were given a scenario ("husband and wife cleaning up after a dinner at which we were informed our daughter would be marrying outside of our faith") and improvised that scene. And then the audition was over. Wow. For some reason I was expecting a longer audition. The lesson (which I already knew, but it's good to remind yourself of these things) always give 110% in every moment of an audition.

* The audition notice said that we should have a prepared monolouge. All of my auditions lately have been for improv shows, so I didn't have a monologue prepared (in fact, I don't think I've ever had a prepared monologue). Shaun told me that sometimes he just improvises a monologue and pretends it's from an obscure play. I thought about doing that, but instead I went to Colin's Movie Monologue Page and printed a couple dozen monologues. Eventually I picked Chunk's "confession" monologue from The Goonies.

And, of course, I under-prepared (I think I like improv because of the whiff of danger). My girlfriend used to coach people for monologues, so obviously I didn't ask her for any help until the night before the audition.