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Where "Bros Icing Bros" Came From

I don't know if you've heard of "Bros icing bros"—it's a meme that's come out of fraternity houses and now been spread everywhere by YouTube (and a short-lived website shut down by a cease-and-desist from Smirnoff). The idea, such as it is, is that you surprise a bro with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and he must immediately, on pain of, I dunno, being called a wuss or whatever, drop to one knee and chug the bottle.

The sad thing, as this footage from the British Cinema Institute shows, is that this is all a modern degraded form of a much more civilized custom. (Astonishingly for such an old film, you can watch it in HD.)


My fiance Jen and I wanted to Ice our Best Man, Drew. The only thing is we live near Tampa, and he lives near Atlanta.

So....we stuck an Ice in the trunk, and drove 489 Miles.

Temperatures reached 100 degrees.

This is The 489 Mile Icing.


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