Doc South

If you've been waiting to see Documentary South, tomorrow night is the night to go, my pretties, you little flying-monkeys, you. Tomorrow night will be the first time we have the full cast doing the show, and with this cast that means you're in for 9 (nine) buckets-o'-fun.

Nina Metz reviewed the show for the Chicago Tribune and it came out in today's paper. I wasn't there, so I can't comment on anything in the show, but I do want to have a quick round of Fuzzy-Bites-the-Hand-and-Quibbles-With-Reviews. Nina says the show is performed by "the improv team known as Dirty South Improv, an offshoot of a team from Chapel Hill, NC". Dirty South Improv is a production company, based in both Chicago and Chapel Hill. DSI is producing a show called Documentary Show, which is performed by an ensemble that was cast specifically for the show. I just wanted to clear up those relationships.

And this is definitely an aside (because I know DSI uses the word "team," so I'm not blaming Nina for using it), and I know ImprovOlympic uses the word, but I'm beginning to feel about "team" the same way I do about "skit" -- it's an oddly demeaning little word and I think improv needs to outgrow it. Ensemble or company or group or, yes even troupe*, all are preferable to me.

Anyway, here's that review.

Update: After hearing Dan use the word "team" 600 times in rehearsal to describe the cast, I realized that really I should keep quiet about these things. Usually when I do one of my "quibbles" it's for a show I produced, so I know exactly what information the press has been given. This time, I've never even seen the press release.