Don't Spit

PLwaM and MwOGHPretty Lady with a Moustache and Man with One Gorilla Hand (and Timekeeper Willis) -- Photo by Noah Ginex

The show went pretty well. The house was a little light. At first I was a little nervous, and then I wasn't, and then I was, and then I wasn't and then the show was over. Erica commented afterwards that hosting you really notice all the moments when there's silence. I had noticed those moments, too, and really felt the need to fill them with chatter. Steve, Erica pointed out, seizes those moments and throws them back at the audience by just pausing and staring, which sounds weird, but if you've seen him, Sasha can really pull off. Next time (if there ever is a next time) I'd like to try playing with that kind of patience.

Anyway, lots and lots of spits, with more volume and spitting-on-other-people than I I've seen before. Especially good considering two of the comedians were trying out brand-new characters tonight.