Gerdes and Reid

The air-conditioning was ge-broke at the Playground on Saturday night, so it was mug-gy in there, but all of the performers at the Belmont Burlesque Revue stepped up to the plate and the whole show rocked.

And I include, immodestly, Gerdes and Reid in that assessment. We tried out our new characters (Pretty Lady with a Mustache and Gorilla in a Tux) and our new routine that we wrote at Midway Gate A-16 (Gorilla in a Tux setups up all the jokes in Gorilla-speak and Pretty Lady with a Mustache delivers the punch-lines). All covered up in my super-cheap/super-sweaty Gorilla mask, I could barely tell what was going on, but Erica guided the comedy-ship safely to shore.

You'll have a chance to see some similar characters when Gerdes and Reid host Don't Spit The Water in a few weeks (Saturday, June 10).