Lookee me! Lookme!

It was pointed out to me that some of my Chicago friends, who might even have a passing interest in seeing me perform every now and then, are reading my site in a feed-reader and so don't see the handy calendar that's right up at the top of the home page. I'll note that you can also subscribe to a feed of my performance listings, but I'll try to be better about noting upcoming shows every now and then. I've got three shows coming up this weekend, all at the Playground Theater (3209 N Halsted, Chicago) so it's a good weekend to promote.

Tonight (Friday, 3/28) at 8 pm, I'm performing with my improv group Pastor of Muppets. In all modesty, we've been on kind of a roll lately and, there, I've just jinxed that. The Senate and Feast of Pedro are performing in the show as well.

Tomorrow night (Saturday, 3/29) at 10 pm, I'll be the announcer and tech guy for Don't Spit the Water -- Chicago's crazy live game show. You won't see me much, but you'll hear me all through the show.

At midnight that same night I'll be doing standup in Blewt's newest show, the Blewtenanny, hosted by the handsome Bryan Bowden. This is my first non-open mic standup appearance. Nervous much?