OK, I'm stumped

Nearly every statement in this sentence needs to have a parenthetical "I think" after it, but I'm looking for a documentary that was made in the mid-90s by a guy who was interning at a marketing firm and he brought his video camera with him to work every day and after awhile people started forgetting that he was filming and were just... honest. I've googled like crazy and I can't figure out the name of this film to even try and find a copy. Do you know?

Update: Nick graciously let me know that the name of the documentary is The Target Shoots First -- it was released in 2000 and seems to have had some success on the film festival circuit, and even had it's own website (now defunct), but I can't seem to find a copy anywhere (and I usually consider myself pretty good at looking for rare movies -- once I know their name). So now the question becomes, do you have a copy of The Target Shoots First that you'd sell or loan me?

Update 2: I found it.