Fuzzy at Pressure - photo by Dan Telfer
photo by Dan Telfer

So Dan decided he wanted to add "stand-up comedy" to his already-varied theatrical resume (playwright, actor, improvisor, solo performer, what else, Dan?) and in a "if we all look foolish, none of us look foolish" sort of mentality began bugging a bunch of the PoM/Blewt crew to come out and do some open mics with him. I started toying with the idea of jumping in and started a page in my little moleskine called "Comedy Ideas". Erica and I went out a few weeks ago just to cheer Dan on as he did his first stand-up performance. It went great and he was immediately invited to do some more gigs.

Thursday, the word came out from Dave Odd, the organizer of the open mic at Pressure that ABC7's 190 North was going to be going to be filming that night and that comedians should get there early to sign up. I had six bits, or ideas for bits, written down on that page so I decided it would be a great time to start.

Dan and I, with Vicky and Erica in tow for support, showed up pretty early and signed up for slots 7 and 8. The crowd was pretty large with a definite "we're gonna be on TV and get famous" feel. It turned out that they weren't doing a story on the open mic per se, but rather on Pressure as a whole, and so they didn't film that much comedy and didn't stay that long. (A note to my fellow performers: having been on both sides of this equation, yelling "thanks for not filming" at the camera crew as you finish your set really doesn't help anything.)

So by the time Dan and Rine-Stone and I got up, the crowd had thinned back out to it's usual couple-dozen and the mood was pretty chill. I'm happy to say that I got a few laughs -- not bad for my first time doing real standup1. I did learn that I'm going to need to write better notes in my comedy notebook. Evidently there's something hilarious about "sleeping on the train", but damned if I can remember what it is.

1 I've done stand-up as a character before, but I don't count that, especially since that character, by design, never finished any of his jokes.