Weekend round-up

When last I left you, I was on my way to record Superpunk's Phillip Mottaz say a grand total of 4 words to edit into my short intro film for the CIF mainstage. I got to Shiel Park just as Phillip was about to start teaching a sketch class for the festival, so I we gave those 12 young students a sneak peak at the super-professionalism of the Chicago comedy scene, as I pointed a video camera at Phillip's face and he tried to time his lines between the shouts of the warm-up taking place in the next classroom.

The editing went fine, though, and I got a couple of compliments on the film. Hopefully they were sincere.

Friday night I bounced back-and-forth between my DVD-player-button-pushing duties at the Athenaeum and shows at the Playground. Press play at 7:30, run to the Playground to perform with CCC at 8:00, run back to the Athenaeum to press play at 10:00, run back to the Playground for the closing night of Don't Spit the Water.

Saturday night I actually stuck around to see the Cast of Anchorman do an Armando with Bill Kurtis as the monologist before splitting for the Playground and the Belmont Burlesque Revue. Saturday afternoon, you will be as dismayed as I was to learn, the entire front lens assembly of my trusty Sony F707 just came off. Boo. So I took pictures, but it was with a Nikon D1 that I've had sitting around for awhile but hadn't really ever taken to, my F707 was so luverly. The two cameras feel very different to operate -- the F707 is light, and with the tiltable camera body, I tend to compose shots on the back screen; the D1 is heavy as all get out, and it's a true SLR, so every time you take a shot, you can hear and feel the mirror assembly getting out of the way of the lens. Very visceral.

Sunday night Erica and I went and auditioned for DSI's Documentary South. Despite (or because of?) my cold-ravaged voice, I was cast. Because of her talent and charm, Erica was, too. Yay, us. Much like FuzzyCo did when we produced Armando Diaz' Eventé, Ross White, the creator of the show, is in town for a few days and will be doing two intensive rehearsals with us tonight and tomorrow, after which the show will be in the hands of director Dan Telfer.