A Face for Radio

There will be a piece on The Neutrino Project on WBEZ's (91.5 FM) Eight Forty-Eight on Friday (Jan 17) Wednesday (Jan 22) Friday (Jan 24) between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.

Can I just take a moment to bite the hand that's feeding me and note that Eight Forty-Eight is a bad name for a great radio program? Every single person that I've tried to tell about the program says, "OK, 8:48 am on Friday." WBEZ is located at 848 East Grand, which is where the name comes from, which is clever, and yet... not.

UPDATE (1/22): Confusingly, they used a clip of my voice at 9:30 but then they ran out of time and never played the piece. Justin (Kaufmann of Schadenfruede, as well as WBEZ) assures me it will run this Friday (1/24) in the 10 o'clock hour.