Another Neutrino in Edinburgh Review

ThreeWeeks in Edinburgh has this short review of The Instant Movie:

Neutrino: the Instant Movie

The advantage of improvisation is that in theory, you always get something new. This American comedy collective improvise films using objects belonging to the audience and volunteers as extras. The actors dash out and film scenes around the Gilded Balloon - outside, by the skateboarders, in the bar and, hilariously, in the toilets downstairs - while runners rush the tapes back to be shown minutes after they've been filmed. The resulting footage is brilliantly funny, made more so by the gawking bystanders. Of course, if they are what they say they are, each show will be completely different. The version I saw made me want to come back tomorrow and the day after that. Hell, and the day after that too.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 6-30 Aug (not 17, 26), 8:45pm (9:45pm), prices vary, fpp 50

tw rating: 4/5