Busy Weekend

I'll be making two movies this weekend, though fortunately one of them will only be three minutes long.

On Friday night, many of the Neutrino Project crew and I will be getting together to make a three-minute film for the Fast Forward Film Festival. That movie, and 29 others, will be shown at Collaboration (thanks, Lee) Collaboraction (2046 W Carroll) on Saturday night (Jan 11) at 8 PM. (We're not procrastinating, that's how the FFFF works.)

And Saturday night at 10:30 PM, we'll be doing The Neutrino Project as usual. This week we have a guest videographer -- Adam Witt of Schadenfreude will be sitting in with us. Adam did some great stuff in rehearsal, so I'm looking forward to seeing it on screen.

And Andy Eninger, who shot with us during the preview shows, will be sitting in on January 25. Andy has a cinematography degree from a Hungarian film school, and I'm not sure how you can get much better than that.

Unfortunately, someone sitting in means someone has to sit out, so Adam Devlin-Brown won't be shooting this week. But he came up with an excellent idea and he'll be shooting behind-the-scenes footage of how the show is put together. I did a full-featured DVD for Superpunk (deleted scene, commentary, sub-titles, easter eggs, etc.) and with all the supplemental materials I'm accumulating for the Neutrino Project, I'm starting to think about doing one for this show. I probably shouldn't have said that out-loud -- I still haven't finished dubbing peoples tapes from Sybilization.