"Butt Hair"

Sigh. "Butt Hair." Some days I wonder why we take suggestions at all. (Don't even get me started.) And I'm kicking myself over the ending -- it was very dark (lighting-wise, not in mood) and I figured out some things I should have done as soon as I handed the tape off to Dave to run back to the theater.

Also, it's my dream to someday own everything I need to do this show. This week, Adam Witt saved my bacon at the last minute with a loan of his very expensive video camera. So, yay for Adam.

Anyhoo, another sold out show. I don't think it's going to cut into our audience much to say that we're looking at extending. None of the upcoming shows at WNEP can be bumped, so we're talking with other theaters. Which will be a pain. Which is annoying of me, I'm sure, to be complaining about the troubles of dealing with a hit show.