Our cousins the Detroit Neutrino Project had their opening night reviewed. It isn't a bad review, but the reviewer spends the last 1/2 of the article on suggestions of ways he thinks the show could be improved, which immediately raises my "if you're so damned smart, why don't you go direct your own show" hackles. I mean, please do point out things you didn't like about the show -- that's part of a review -- but a laundry list of suggested changes tells me more about the reviewer than the show. ("why not have us vote for the team with the best plotline and video?" -- Why not go home and watch American Idol if that's the kind of entertainment you want.)

(I probably shouldn't say anything. I normally have a grin-and-bear it policy with reviews I don't like. I'm feeling emboldened because it's not my show and it's a different city. But with my luck, the moment I post this, that guy will move to Chicago.)