Why did Shaun give everyone in The Neutrino Project dogtags? It's simple. Sandy was doing the wigs and makeup for a show called Cooking With Elvis and when they needed an understudy for the part of the Elvis impersonator, Sandy mentioned that Shaun was playing Elvis in the Steve Martin play Picasso at the Lapin Agile. So Shaun became the understudy in that show, and Dale, the director, gave everyone in that cast and crew "What Would Elvis Do" dogtags (which makes sense as Elvis was in the Army and all). Shaun loved his so much he wanted to give the Neutrino Project cast something similar, so he had custom dogtags made in England(!).

I was initially skeptical ("What do dogtags have to do with improvised video?") but as I wear mine around a good number of people ask "what's on your dogtag" and then I get to plug the show. And I looooove plugging this show.