Extension Blues

If you hate to read me complaining about how much work it is to have a show that people want to see, just skip this entry.

Tensions are a little high around the FuzzyCo offices today. Shaun called me up with some legitimate and constructive criticisms of the extension press release and I kinda bit his head off. We both have a lot to get done in the next few days to make sure that people know about the extension, since we are moving days, times, and theaters (that's Fridays at 8 in February at the ImprovOlympic).

All the papers called Shaun on Tuesday morning to confirm that we were closing. "Yup," he said, none of the negotiations I so coyly alluded to having produced any results. And then IO called on Tuesday afternoon with an offer of the four Fridays in February. Shaun and I debated the pros (IO's a great theater in a fun neighborhood) and cons (it's still cold, we're going to have problems with cast and crew prior committments (including Shaun and I being out of town the 14th)) and decided to go for it.

So now we have to call all the papers back, and I have to make a new press release (done), design and order new postcards (done), design a new poster (not done), figure out who can do which show and who can replace them and so on and so forth (not done). Oh, and find a Digital-8 camera to borrow for this weekend and figure out what we're doing for cameras for the new run.

Hey, here's a non-complainy thing. I paused in the middle of writing this to write an email to the cast about the extension (I figured I owed it to them to give them the information before I gave it to the world) and I finished up a long message of duties and reponsibilities with "You are all the bestest mostest funnest people." Which I included in the message under a generic "say something nice" principle, but then I surprised myself by realizing that it's true. I watched last week's show again last night and it was, you know, good. And I took a moment to remember just now that I had fun doing it. And that's why I do all this stuff that makes me crazy, to be able to do this fun thing with these fun people.