I think Greg put a hyphen in there somewhere, but I'll spell it right for here. So we had former plasma donators reuniting after 5 years, we had blood donation induced craziness, we had the actually-sick Elizabeth McNaughton playing a sickly lesbian, and a very, very angry Shaun and Beth, arguing about kidney donations to mail-order brides. I was really happy with the end of the show (which, yes, I shot) because I thought it linked the stories without being sledgehammer about it.

I was also happy with my new, too-expensive, video camera. An extravagant birthday present to myself, and it means that I'm one step closer to owning everything I need to do the show without borrowing stuff from people.

The midnight showing was sparsely attended, which surprised us a little, especially because a number of people had called to ask about it and try to make reservations. We showed Michael Starcevich's trailer for Pop Psychology, our Fast Forward Film Festival entry ("Ted McGuillicutty, Man of Action"), a sequence shot by Adam Witt in rehearsal that I think stands on it's own as a delightful short (it's got some great physical comedy by Jen Ellison and great bitchiness from Andrea and Lillie), and then last week's show, which was voted by the cast as the one they wanted to see.

And then we tore down and cleaned up and we were officially done at WNEP. Sniff. WNEP has been good to us and I wish we could have extended there.

This Friday we'll be opening at the ImprovOlympic (8 PM. Friday.). We're having a tech rehearsal Wednesday to figure out crucial details like where to put Greg that the runners can get to him. I need to get over there tomorrow with a tape measure and then make a RadioShack run for audio cable, I think. And we need to look at locations up in that neighborhood (first impression - lots of bars).