Hey, look at me! I'm on screen!

Which is to say... at this week's Neutrino Project, Andy Eninger (Sybil, Chicago Comedy Company, GayCo, Hungarian film school grad) sat in as a videographer, so I sat out. And Jennifer S. is in England and Elizabeth was ill, which takes us down to 8 actors, which is do-able, but it's nice to have a group of three for variety, so I sat back in as an actor. Which was pure selfishness -- I haven't rehearsed improv on camera, the other videographers would love to do the same, etc. etc. So I took a big, deep "I'm the [co-]producer and I've worked really hard on this show and I want to" breath and put myself on the schedule.

As for my personal performance, all I can say is that no one looked at me after the show and sadly shook their head, so it must not have gone too badly.

As for the entire show (suggestion "Juggling"), Greg and Rachel, who get to see the whole show from the booth, said "best show ever". I captured the footage Sunday and I agree it was very good.