Neutrino Project wraps

We finished up our 5th full run of the Neutrino Project in Chicago with another daaaangerous show. Normally, the different camera crews leave the theater as soon as they've gotten their audience-supplied object and head in different directions, and then we meet up at the end of the show to see how we can connect the disparate story lines. For some time, I've been wanting to try reversing that -- to start by showing all the actors together in some situation and then having them break off to pursue their own stories. I'd like to do it with an extended first scene at a dinner party or something, but that would, given the nature of the show, require some math that I just didn't have time to work out before Friday night.

So we did something perhaps even more complicated -- we started the show by having cameras 1 and 2 film their intermingled actors leaving the theater together and then breaking off, and then cameras 3 and 4 doing the same for their actors. Further, we stayed within a block of the theater and each crew was given the challenge of interacting with the two teams that they hadn't just left. So it became a very tangled show, with many scenes being filmed twice, from two simultaneous perspectives, and tons of connections between the different scenes. Some people who've seen the show before gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

So now we're on hiatus again. We might be taking the show to the PIF again (if they'll have us) and I've got some ideas for a summer run. Or, we might never do the show ever again (I say that every time...).