As I mentioned below, we showed our FFFF short at the start of the show. People seemed to like it, and the show still clocked in at just under an hour, so I'm thinking of showing other cast-created shorts at TNP.

Saturday night was COLD. C-O-L-D. 18-degrees-4-with-wind-chill cold. The cast and crew went through half a case of HotHands hand warmer packs. So, my thanks to everyone in the audience for coming out, and triple thanks to the cast and crew for risking frostbite to do their outside scenes.

The suggestion was "Octopus", which put most of the cast in a sexual state of mind. Not that it takes much to put this cast in a sexual state of mind, it seems. Dan and Beth Andrea were squabbling step siblings who ended up making out and smoking dope in a van, Jennifer discovered that her new movie was actually a porno, and Scott and Jen were a couple-on-the-rocks trying, awkwardly, to spice things up in a sex-toy store. Nobody does awkward like Jen Ellison, so the sight of her reluctantly wearing a chain bra was priceless. And Shaun turned in a remarkably restrained performance as a sexuality workshop leader named "Raw".