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None of us need any extra stress in our lives, and I think I need less (extra) stress than you. Unless you're Hans Blix or something. Hi, Hans!

So I wasn't super happy to receive a call at 5:00 pm on Friday from one of the Neutrino Project's camera guys saying that he was stuck at work and wouldn't be able to come to the show. Worse, he supplies one of the video players we need to do the show. Good news: he was happy to let us use his camera and player. Bad news: his camera was in his car and his player was at home.

There was nothing for it but to pack up, run over to his office, pick up his house keys and car park claim ticket, head for his car, realize I hadn't actually taken the keys, go back to his office and get the keys, realize that it was over a mile from his office to where his car was parked (how does he get from the car park to work?), take a cab to the parking lot, get the camera, take a cab to his house, get the player, and take a cab to the ImprovOlympic.

In the end (and after $35 in cabs) I was only 5 minutes late for call, and Scott McNulty stepped up again to ably run camera.

The suggestion was "Publish" "Publication," which for some reason led to a very violent show. Lillie egged Phillip into a fight with Sean. Lance got his head shaved (thanks to Orbit Salon, one of our locations) which made him "feel like a skinhead" and lash out at Shaun and later Ben. (In the first scene, one of Orbit's stylists was gently trimming Lance's hair. When I popped the tape out so Jennifer could run it to the theater, Lance said "OK, let's do it -- shave it all off". And so she did.)

When we decided that Lance would hit Shaun in the salon, we quickly rehearsed the punch so it could look (semi-)realistic but be (reasonably-)safe. Shaun and Lance worked out two lines of dailogue that would lead up to the punch and let Shaun get ready for it. When I said "action," Lance popped Shaun. Bloodlust, indeed. Later, when Lance hit Ben, Ben hurt his elbow when he fell down, so we're all pretty scared of Lance now.