Real World & Runners

At rehearsal last night we got out into the real world for the first time (and found out what happened when 6 improvisors stopped pretending and, ... oh, you know).

Burger King and Lakeview Lounge were both very accomidating to allow us to film (especially since I'm sure BK has a corporate policy against it) (oops -- I hope I don't get those employess in trouble) (oh, yeah, someone would have to read this before they'd get in trouble -- no worries, then).

We discovered a raft of technical problems that we'll have to conquer on the tech side -- the real world, it turns out, is very dark at night, and it's often hard to hear in public places. But we had some inventive work both behind and in front of the cameras, so I think we're in good shape for where we are.

I shouldn't say this out loud (but I'm going to) but these two shows are just the trial balloon, anyway. If these go well, we're looking at doing a longer run early in 2003. And I think by "well" I mean "no one pees their pants in the middle of a scene and the theater doesn't burn down". Low expectations on my part, in other words. Except, I expect great things from this cast and crew. Do I contradict myself. Very well, I contradict myself -- I am large, I contain multitudes.

Runners -- I'm still trying to recruit a few runners, and I got asked a few times what exactly the runners have to do. The show (and I don't think I've spelled this out before) consists of short video segments that are improvised simultaneously by different actor/camera crews outside of the theater and are presented to the audience as though it was a single movie. The runners, simply enough, run the tapes of completed scenes back to the theater and then rejoin their crew to get the next tape. They'll also be on "set" help with timing, etc., when they're there. So, a grunt level, but crucial, job. Oh, and everybody on a FuzzyCo project gets paid -- that's a new policy we implemented. Not always a lot, but always something.