Technical Difficulties, redux

Lucia Mauro came out on Wednesday to interview Shaun and I and some of the cast and crew (even just picking a few of each, we ended up with 10 people at the interview -- this show is huge) (OK, I realize that in relation to big Broadway musicals or whatever, our show is tiny. But my main show has two actors and, if we're lucky, someone in the lightbooth.)

A cool thing, for me, in the interview was to hear the cast reply to questions with "Fuzzy says..." or "Fuzzy always tells us...". They were listening! I've been getting a little caught up in some of the technical problems of the show, and a couple of things Phillip said made me go think, "oh yeah, I did say that. I should remember to do that."

Oh, and since I've been caught up in those technical problems, I answered Lucia's first question, about how the rehearsals have been going, with something about how they've been a "series of near-catastrophes, averted at the last minute by collective brilliance". Which is a) not the way to 'sell' the show (headline: "Neutrino Project A Disaster Waiting To Happen") and b) not strictly accurate. Things are going fairly well. Really.

And then once Lucia had her journalistic way with us, Aaron Gang showed up in the middle of rehearsal. By surprise! Or rather, at my request and at exactly the time he said he'd show up. Aaron got some great shots. I'll put some up soonish. But there's no two ways about it, it was an additional distraction in an already scattered rehearsal.

The biggest distraction was (again!) the lack of a TV. We didn't have the projector this week, so we (well, Shaun) wrestled his huge TV out of his bedroom, into the car, and then into the theater. Only to discover that you couldn't switch it to video-input without the remote, which was conveniently located on Shaun's nightstand at home.

So... we've got one more rehearsal before opening. It's a full tech, and I've sworn to the cast that everything will be perfect. No pressure.