The Fork in the Thing

"The Fork in the Thing" is what the cast nicknamed my looped animation of a fork approaching (and retreating from) an outlet that we used between scenes in the preview run. We need something between the scenes because Greg, in the booth, finds out when the scene ends the same time the audience does. The animation covers the time between Greg (and the audience) seeing that the scene has ended and Greg being able to get the next tape playing.

When I mentioned the animation in this journal before the preview, an enterprising soul sent me some delightful animations using elements he downloaded from the FuzzyCo website. Unfortunately, I hadn't really laid out the design requirements for the animation, so the ones he sent me were completely unsuitable for use in the show. So... in case any other enterprising souls out there are thinking of submitting Neutrino Project inter-scene animations (and, more realistically, as a design spec for myself as I work on redoing the animation with our new logo) here's the specs:

  • about a minute long and loopable
  • uses the new The Neutrino Project logo, somehow
  • visually interesting, but not too interesting -- the animation is sort of a visual palette cleanser between scenes
  • no sound required