To Ann Arbor and back

Hey, our Neutrino Project trip to Ann Arbor this upcoming weekend got a mention on the brand new Detroit Metblog. And there was no cross-metblog nepotism to it at all. Much. Except for all the nepotism.

Saturday, July 30 at 8 pm
Improv Inferno
309 S. Main St, Ann Arbor, MI

Special Izzo-guests! Super fun times! Maaaaybe special Chicago guests in the X Show later. Who knows!

And work continues for getting the show up for the run here in Chicago. We finally got into the space at the Improv Kitchen to deal with all their ker-azy tech. Which really isn't that ker-azy, but it's the little differences that threaten to trip us up. For example, all the times we've done the show in the past, Greg switched between our video decks with a simple Radio Shack A-B switcher, which switched both the video and audio signals. So Ben just had a single slider on the audio mixer marked "video" which he used to mix in with the music. Well, at the Improv Kitchen we're using their video mixer, which makes the transitions between scenes look 100x better. But it means that Greg isn't touching the audio signal at all, so Ben has two sliders -- video 1 and video 2 and will need to switch between them during scene changes. Which is, of course, not very complex and certainly within Ben's awesome abilities. But it's new and different.

I also need to finish the Intro Video -- we decided to up the professionalism a bit and have our explanation of how the show works be on video. I have over an hour of footage to edit into a 5-10 minute preview of the show. Neutrino (NY) has a Flash Intro that is our loose inspiration (this version of it is tailored for their Edinburgh shows last summer).