Top 5

Nina Metz' Top 5You can't stop the beat, and we can't stop getting good press. For a show that's not even running anymore. Imagine what it'd be like if we were actually doing the show. I suppose the daily ticker-tape parades would get tiring. What with all the ticker-tape and all. Can you tell I was at work wrasslin' with a moody server until 3:30 am last night?

The point? Newcity's last issue of the year (or technically their first of 2004, according to the cover date, though in some freak of time travel I already have this missive from the future in my hands) is their Top 5s of 2003. And on the list of Nina Metz' Top 5 Innovative Productions? The Neutrino Project (FuzzyCo) (with a mysterious period after FuzzyCo. It's not an abbreviation for Fuzzy Company, folks. We're not the band "Adult.") Anyway, yay.

Happy new year, y'all.