All moved in

Moving Panorama Here's a panorama Noah took at the beginning of the day as we were loading up the stuff from Canal Street Storage (nice space, friendly employees). You can see Amanda in her car on the left, Shaun and Patrick putting some random pieces of furniture in the pick-up and is that a shadowy Fuzzy in the U-Haul?

So, the move went great. We got everything in one day -- all the stuff from storage, and from both our current residences, and a bonus couch from Kate (who was moving the same day). We even got done in time for Shaun to house manage at The Playground and me to perform there with The Mighty.

Big FuzzyCo thanks to Amanda*, Ben, Homer, Jenny, Megan, Merrie, Noah*, Patrick*, Phillip, and Taryn* for helping us move. (* indicates Medal of Honor of doing 2 shifts.)

Now I just have to unpack everything.