Chicago Triathlon 2016

Erica and Fuzzy - Chicago Triathlon 2016

My big training focus this summer has been the Air Force Marathon, now two weeks away. I mean, I swore I was never going to run another marathon after I did the Chicago two years ago, so obviously it’s not a distance I’m comfortable with. I was also already signed up for the Chicago Triathlon, which is a race I’m much more comfortable with.

For my marathon training, I’ve been doing the “Run Less, Run Faster” training plan this go around. It’s only three runs a week and you’re supposed to do cross-training at least two more days a week—that would have been a perfect opportunity to put in some swims and bikes. Oh well. Shrug emoji.

Which is to say, I didn’t. I’ve been feeling lucky that I can make the three runs a week. So, I was a little undertrained for the Triathlon. Erica was also signed up for the International distance and was also pretty undertrained, so we just decided to make it through the day and not stress. And I’m happy to say that we both did. We coincidentally finished the bike together and started our run at the same time. I took off, since the triathlon was taking the place of one of my long training runs, but we didn’t finish too far apart either. I’m proud of both of us.

Fuzzy on the bike - Chicago Triathlon 2016 Fuzzy finishing - Chicago Triathlon 2016

Time: 4:04:49
Place: 2610 / 2761
Place in Male: 1808 / 1870
Place in Division (Mountain Bike - Male): 11 / 11

Interval Time of Day Split Split Pace Age Rank Gender Rank Overall Rank
Start 7:59:53AM
Swim 8:51:12AM 00:51:21 03:26 min/100m - 1826/1,870 2676/2,761
T1 9:03:31AM 00:12:20 - - 1799/1,870 2629/2,761
Mile 7.46 Bike Split 9:32:01AM 00:28:30 15.71 mi/hr - 1800/1,870 2559/2,761
Mile 15.2 Bike Split 10:01:44AM 00:58:13 15.72 mi/hr - 1788/1,870 2540/2,761
Bike 10:42:06AM 01:38:35 15.10 mi/hr - 1816/1,870 2596/2,761
T2 10:49:28AM 00:07:23 - - 1798/1,870 2622/2,761
Run 12:04:41PM 01:15:13 12:08 min/mi - 1640/1,870 2297/2,761
Total 12:04:41PM 04:04:49 - - 1808/1,870 2610/2,761