If you've talked to me lately and asked some ordinary social non-question like "how are things?" you've gotten TMI from me -- complainy, complainy. (Sorry, Chris, for dumping on you just tonight.) And that's very different than the usual Fuzzy-plan. Usually I strive to be relentlessly cheerful. I don't want to be fake, but it's usually worked for me in the past that if I talked positive, I could be positive. Lately, I've been down -- which isn't bad thing. But the bad thing is, I think, that I've been throwing it at people.

Tonight I was driving home and The Wombats' Let's Dance to Joy Division came on. It's a fun song, but the lyrics really struck me tonight:

Let's dance to Joy Division,
And celebrate the irony,
Everything is going wrong,
But we're so happy.

So, yeah. I need to dance around stupidly a little more. Things have been hard (though, they're getting better! Until they get worse again!) but that's no reason to be a grumpy gus. I've got the greatest wife in the world and a lot of fun stuff going on. And I've got my health (usually). And two weird cats. And a bunch of good TV to watch. Whee!