Busy being busy

R. says she thinks I "have this desperation to keep yourself busy to the point of weirdness", that when "you stand still you think you don't exist". Really I just keep saying "yes" to too much. Really.

Things I've said "yes" to this week: staying in Chicago (well, I said "no" to NYC), directing a sketch comedy show (more on that soon, I'm sure), making dubs of a 100 different tapes for 100 different people, and remembering that I said "yes" to a fast filmmaking project a few months ago. That project is turning out to be much more complicated than I had thought.

When I do the Fast Forward, for example, I'm only screwing over myself and a few of my close friends if what I turn in isn't great. It's very freeing. But with the way this Challenge is structured I'm responsible for the success of writers and actors I've never met before. Eek.