Decembeard Days 1-7

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What comes after Movember? Decembeard!*

Decembeard Day 1

Decembeard Day 2

Decembeard Day 3

Decembeard Day 4

Decembeard Day 5

Decembeard Day 6

Decembeard Day 7

Starting with the full mustache** helps, of course, but it's also the case that my chin hair is a little darker than my lip hair (ha! a moustache is lip hair!) and so by day 3 of Decembeard I feel like I've got something respectable going on, whereas it took two weeks or so into Movember before my mo' looked like anything.

* I took a little poll on Twitter to ask the very important question: Beard-cember or Decembeard? Or the whole hog: Beardecembeard? Foresman was the only one who got back to me and he voted for Beard-cember. I've been trying it out for a week and I think I'm going with Decembeard (sorry, Chris). It just flows better in my brain somehow.

** All through Movember I used the Commonwealth spelling of moustache because that's what makes sense of the abbreviation 'mo', but now that that's over, I'm returning to the more comfortable (to me) American spelling mustache. I knew you were wondering.