Fight Club

[This entry has been sitting on my hiptop in a "Drafts" folder since, I guess, October 28. Fight Club is tonight and next week is the last Fight Club. Dan would really like anyone who's ever been to Fight Club to try and make it next week.]

Fight Club, that Dan Izzo-created rehearsal group I've been going to, keeps trucking along. Last night was supposed to be the last night, but it's been geting such a good response that Dan extended it through November.

One great thing about FC is that there's been new people every week. This is fortunate, in part, because one of the rules of FC is that if it's your first time, you do the first scene. So far, then, we haven't had to deal with exceptions to the rule.

Fight Club has a lot of rules (Rule 1: No Egos, Rule 2: tell anybody you want about Fight Club, Rule 3: we start talking at 10:30, start improvising right at 10:45 and stop at 11:30, etc.) but really it's about the improv. I'm learning just by watching people and their choices. And the freedom to try things out is remarkable.

I saw the Incubator shows last night just before FC and I was struck, as I often am, by the excitement people bring to their first endeavors in this art form.