House Concert

I've been saying the phrase "house concert" a bunch lately, and most of the people I say it to say "house what?"

My friends in the band R. Buzzy wanted to do a show for their Indiana friends who find it hard to make it up to Chicago for a late night show, so they decided to have an acoustic show in band member Matt's house at 8 pm on a Saturday. And they asked Bare to open up for them, to fill out the evening. Back when we started Crazy Monkeys our philosophy was "anytime, anywhere" and so we said "Sure".

And then Saturday, Shaun got stuck in San Diego. So I ended up doing the show by myself. I've done a solo show before, so that was no problem. I did a solo version of our current "Pagent of History" form. The 30 people there (and let me tell you that 30 people in a living room feels like a crowd) ate it up with spoons. So, yay! And R. Buzzy was really good. It was great to really hear a lot of their clever lyrics, which can be so hard in a bar. I still like to hear them rock out, but it was a cool evening.