Just call me Fuzz

The New City came out today and Nina Metz has given Fratricide what can only be described as a rather nice review.

"interesting and often very funny", "amazingly novel", and "wholly worthwhile" are, I believe, the pull quotes from the piece.

The line she references about listening to Dave and shopping at the Gap was an ad-lib by Brian that Homer asked him not to do anymore, because it pooches a joke in a later scene (so don't come to the show just to hear that line). And my name is spelled "Fuzz Gerdes" in the review for some reason. I mean, some of my friends do call me Fuzz, and so I guess I'm glad that Nina feels so close to me that she can call me that in public... (I think I'm batting 1000 for nitpicking-about-details-in-good-reviews).