Kitty Weigh-In

Erica and Parker

One of the first things of Erica's we moved into the house was Parker. It's been interesting as the cats get adjusted to each other. Mustapha, as expected, wants to be friends with Parker, who is slowly warming up to him, and Latte... well, I guess Parker is lucky Latte can't use a knife, otherwise she'd probably shiv Parker in the sunroom.

It's been a little worrying that all three cats seem to be eating Parker's weight loss cat food. Neither Mustapha nor Latte really needs to lose any weight. I hauled each cat onto the scale to check out where they were:

Kitty Weigh-In
CatWeight (lbs)
Latte 5.2
Mustapha 9.8
Parker 19.8

It's such a tidy geometric procession of weights, it's a little weird. I think I'll stop using pounds and just talk about the cats' weights in terms of Lattes, as in "Parker weighs about 4 Lattes".

Oh, and thinking of other made-up units, I'll point out that the house is steady at a CCI of 1. (CCI = Cat Craziness Index. Having any cat makes you crazy, but how crazy is determined by dividing the number of cats in the house by the number of people. If you say "do you mean humans, because cats are people," multiply your CCI by 2.)