Laser Eyes, Day Five

I was a little worried about my fight in Rogue 8 (no contact sports for 2 weeks, my care sheet says) and I was a little tentative at fight call on Friday. But we didn't do the fight on Friday (it's in one of the optional scenes) and on Saturday it was fine.

I'm rather surprised, given how eye-phobic I am, but even after this short amount of time I've gotten really good at popping eye drops in. Drop drop drop. I'm a freakin' eye drops master.

I'm realizing that I need to be patient. Which I'm not. For the last 30 years, if my vision was blurry, I put on my glasses and, instantly, everything was clear. Now, everything is just a little blurry all the time and there's no glasses to fix it. (I tried putting on my old glasses and, woah nelly, that's blurry.) Patience and rest, Fuzzy. (Oh, and maybe don't watch so much TV -- I just finished Season 2 of Doctor Who and now I'm barreling through Torchwood. (How did Captain Jack get off Satellite Five and back to the 21st Century? Is this known?))