Movember: Day 30

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Movember - Day 30

Hey, I did it! I… grew some facial hair, in a slightly different configuration than normal. Many thanks to my brother for letting me hijack his official Movember entry and to all of you who donated—Claire and Steve and Dan and Kate and Jodi and Eliot and Emmanuel from the LA office. It's not too late to donate.

Here's a little plug for my brother's work's output: if you'd like to have a photo of yourself with a moustache without actually growing one, Stachematic Camera is an iOS app that will automagically add 'staches to your photos.

And here's what it looks like to grow a moustache in 30 days (video generated by the helpful Everyday app):

Movember 2011 from Fuzzy Gerdes on Vimeo.

Next? Beardecember!