500 Miles

I love the Nike+ system. I Lyle Love-it. The sensor in the shoes and the thingy in the iPod and I just plug it in and boom, there are all my numbers. It even auto-spams Twitter and Facebook for me, so I don't have to brag to my friends by hand. The one thing that really drags about the whole system is the terrible Flash-laden website. And I even usually don't hate that too much, but. But....

When I first hit 100 miles on the shoes, back in 2007, they emailed me a simple but cool certificate with that milestone. I've been waiting to see what the next level was and Shaun told me it was 500 and I noticed recently that I was creeping closer and closer. And I did it! And... they've changed the system on the site and I don't get a certificate. Boo.

516 Miles

What I am is 104 miles away from the "Blue" level. (The levels are all metric, so that's a nice even 1000 km.) Oh well.

I did get a nice video message from a big-eyed Paula Radcliffe: