A small hitch

So, if you're obsessive (and I know some of you are, because I got one comment by phone) you might have noticed that the mileage total on my little running meter on the sidebar hasn't been going up in the last few weeks, nor have I posted about any of my long weekend runs. That's because I haven't been running very far, or often, for the last three weeks. After my 16-mile run my ITBs were really hurting, and everyone says that to run once they're irritated will just prolong the problem. I took a few days off and then ran two days in a row, to pretty noticable pain.

So I ended up taking off nearly two weeks, wherein I saw a doctor and started some physical therapy. I probably should have done some none-running exercise in there (other than dance) but between not knowing if biking would hurt my ITBs just as much, and not having access to a pool, and just being plain busy, it was really easy to just let it all slide.

So now I'm back on the horse, but I've missed three weeks of running. My ITBs are feeling fine, but everything else is a bit creaky -- I had a backache this morning that I hadn't felt since months ago. I've also missed what should have been two 16-milers and an 18-miler. This upcoming weekend the schedule would have me running 18 miles and then beginning my 'taper'. So I'm rather uncertain how far I should be pushing it in this last three weeks. As always, comments from the peanut gallery are welcomed.