Fuzzy and Erica cross the Beachathon finish line, photo by Steve Delahoyde

Erica, Claire, and I ran the Chicago Beachathon yesterday—it's a 4 mile run along the lakefront with "tropical obstacles". The obstacles are pretty silly—for example, one consisted of simply running past some hula dancers. But this was Erica's longest race yet, and my first run in too many days. And there were plenty of fun costumes and I won't pretend that the free beer at the end wasn't refreshing. So, yay.

Despite my recent shoutout to my roboshoes, I thought the obstacles might serious, or at least wetter than they were, so I didn't wear my Nike+ shoes. So all I've got are the official results (I realize that probably sounds backwards, but dangit, official results don't show up in my Nike+ totals).

Time: 50:38
Pace: 12:40
Overall place: 1070 / 1441
Place in sex: 403 / 481
Place in division (M, 40-49): 37 / 50

Claire, Erica, and Fuzzy post-race, photo by Steve Delahoyde

Erica's take on the day.