BTN Big 10K (5K)

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So, many running events have multiple distances and you can just say “I ran the 8K at the Bastille Day Run” or whatever. But occasionally, the name of the event itself has the distance in it. I mean, it’s the Big Ten Network so of course it’s the “Big 10K”. It just works. But then it gets really awkward talking about the 5K distance at the same event. The Big 5K? The Big 10 5K? Of course, if this is my biggest problem, I’m doing fine. It’s just…

So, anyway, I had some other race last year the same morning as the Big 10K (maybe the South Shore Tri?) and so couldn’t run it. This year, I’ve been concentrating a lot more on Iron Man training than races, but I kinda wanted that Purdue-specific shirt and so I signed up. But I just did the 5K because that Saturday was supposed a rest day, sandwiched between an open water swim and half-marathon on Friday and a five-hour bike and recovery run on Sunday. Am I a little less hardcore because I only wanted to run 3 miles instead of 6? So be it.

(Oh, just running the 5K meant we didn’t get to do the slip-n-slide. Boo. You can read Zach’s account of how fun it was.)

Official results:
Time: 32:33
Pace: 10:29
Place: 1830 / 4132
Place in sex: 954 / 1607
Place in age group (M40-44): 67 / 114