Silly Funny Goof Gang at the finish

Blewt fielded a team in this year's Chiditarod -- Chicago's own shopping cart race and mobile food drive. Everyone dresses up and decorates their carts, so we went as the Silly Funny Goof Gang.

The race was a lot harder than I thought it would be -- the course is just 4 miles long and there are 5 mandatory stops along the way where you have to spend at least 20 minutes each (kinda sorta like the real Iditarod). But somehow we ended the thing completely wiped and a day later I'm still sore.

The Chiditarod is heavily documented -- there were still and video cameras everywhere. The Chicago Methods Reporter is even doing a special 24-hour "journalism party" to assemble the mass of material into one coherent report. There are already hundreds of photos on Flickr -- I take so many pictures of us myself, it's fun to see yourself in others' eyes as the 'wacky other'.